A passion for international film releases and an appreciation for top quality standards in audiovisual media are the driving force and motivation behind Corrector’s Cut, a company working closely together with graphic designers, product managers, and marketing experts in the field of home entertainment. Corrector’s Cut implements customized solutions to ensure reliable, effective quality control on all types of products ranging from standard editions through to high-priced releases in the premium segment.

Impeccable quality in all technical aspects is essential when producing tangible products such as DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and accompanying booklets – and not just for cinephiles and collectors. But equally important are the layout and spelling, which must be flawless whether they are intended for a limited release by young independents or a million-copy blockbuster from globally active majors. In addition to the actual program content, this involves a meticulous approach to the packaging and the cover, both of which potentially harbor countless errors due to the large amount of information they contain.

Digital image artifacts, audio fluctuations and dropouts, typographical errors on the cover, in ads, or in subtitles, mistakes in the graphic design such as forgotten layers, overlays that have shifted, cutting mistakes, erroneous specifications for the aspect ratio, audio formats, or running time – these are all imperfections that quickly make the rounds of online forums and social networks, casting a shadow on a product in which a lot of time and effort have been invested. The company standing behind the product is quickly tarnished, and everything it produces thereafter can lose credibility. This can all be avoided with the assistance of an experienced, objective, and attentive eye – and this is precisely why Corrector’s Cut works together with media-related companies, with the objective of consistently bringing consumers total satisfaction and the highest product quality and value.

You can completely rely on total discretion, confidentiality with sensitive material, and flexible turnaround.